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May.16th,2020 “Caring for Employees' Health”: Medical Examination

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May.16th,2020 “Caring for Employees' Health”: Medical Examination

According to the statistics, under the stress of life and work, about 75% of people are currently in a sub-health state, which is on the verge of getting sick. Therefore, regular medical examinations are particularly important. This work is not only responsible for yourself, for the company, but also for your family and the society. On May.16th,2020our company carried out a medical examination on the theme of “Caring for Employees' Health”, and it was a warm and healthy gift to the employees.
Our company always cares about the physical and mental health of employees. It regularly organizes all employees to have physical examinations, establishes health records and keeps track of the health status of employees for a long time. So as to ensure that every employee can be fully engaged in life and work with a full spirit. The medical examination report included medical examination, liver function, blood routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram and chest radiography and other examinations. After examinations, we enjoyed a loving and nutritious breakfast.
In order to do a good job in this medical examination, the personnel department coordinated the work and rest time accordingly to ensure that it did not affect the production and ensure that no one was missed. Through this physical examination, the employees have truly felt the company's humanistic care, which has enhanced the sense of belongings of the employees and the cohesion of the company.






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